Have you ever tried to match lists or databases without a common identifier?

Introducing Fuzzy Matching

Do you have a customer database that you continue to add to on a regular basis and encounter issues with duplicate data?

The classic example of this is when a company has an extensive customer database and they are looking to import a list of tradeshow attendees in an instant but want to avoid adding in duplicate data.

There are other instances when comparing data with a common identifier is insightful! 

Introducing Alteryx Fuzzy Matching Workflow from Haystack

You will be able to match databases and lists in no time! No SQL required!

The Fuzzy Matching Workflow from Haystack allows you to:

  • Merge two sources of data using Fuzzy Matching Logic
  • Identify unique or duplicate records in each source
  • Identify non-identical duplicates
Follow five simple steps to use the Fuzzy Matching Workflow: